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Toby & Cherryl Forté

The Great Enadeavor, aka Who Knew We Were Building a B & B?

When the Toby and Cherryl Forte' were told that the family Estate had plans that would lead to the razing of the 1830's farmhouse, they countered with an offer to purchase the five "homestead" acres from the Estate. Successful purebred cattle ranchers in Arkansas, with Oil and Gas business interests in Ohio, and corporate backgrounds, the Fortes were fortunately use to managing multiple projects. They dubbed the endeavor, "The Forte's Loose Screw Project".

Between March of 2013 and March of 2014, the house was stripped to the studs inside, removing over a hundred years of falling plaster and neglect. The amazing woodwork milled on the property was salvaged, and the original features shine in every room. History is now living side by side with systems built to current code.

Moving to the demands of the 21st century, a two story addition of three bathrooms was added in 2015, finalizing the extensive renovation and construction. Now three of the five bedrooms in the home proudly boast," en-suite bathrooms", quite a contrast to the 130 years the home had no indoor plumbing!

The historic barn, corn crib and hen house also were also restored, historic with a modern twist. With Metro Park' Sycamore Bluff Nature Preserve on three sides of their 60 acres, they found themselves literally living in a park. Realizing how truly special their property is, they decided to make the house and the century farm experience, available to Southern Ohio's citizens and visitors alike.

Adjacent Darrtown's bicentennial slogan in 2014 was "In all the world there's not another Darrtown." The Forte's know just how they feel, and invite you to be their guest, it's a one of a kind experience!

Exterior view of Sycamore Farms Country Inn

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